Gifted Education

Gifted children need an education which will meet their intellectual capabilities. Their needs are just as important as those of a struggling child. If a gifted child is bored at school, it can hinder his ability to excel or even cause him to drop out or fail because nothing grabs his attention or seems worthwhile. For these reasons, gifted children are equally in need of specially designed instruction.

Special Education

It’s crucial that children get an appropriate education and support. This is especially crucial for Special Needs children who require additional attention and support. These children must be treated with care and have an education which reflects their unique needs. Without a supportive educational environment, special needs children may not only fail to reach their potential – they may fail to develop essential life skills or even regress.


  • After years of arguments, Melissa was able to rebuild my relationship with the district. My child's needs are finally being met.

    Parent, Bucks County
  • I would like to thank you for your work. After I signed and returned the NOREP to the school, I could finally sleep. I have been praying to meet someone who can help us. We are so lucky to meet you. We are grateful to have you as our advocate. You are an excellent one and also can write goals! Thanks again for helping my son and other families outside who are very much in need. Without your help and your support, we couldn't do anything right for our son. You have been a big help for me emotionally and spiritually, too. Couldn't find anyone better; you did a remarkable job with passion and honesty.

    Mother, Philadelphia County
  • Melissa really helped get my child measurable goals and objectives that reflect the present levels in my child's GIEP.

    Parent, Delaware County
  • Thanks Melissa, I appreciate your insistence that the District address my child as an individual with gifts and needs.

    Parent, Montgomery County
  • Melissa and her team are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and truly want to help children with special needs. I consider myself an extremely thorough mother--and I can tell you that after researching for many hours and interviewing at least six other advocates (and two attorneys)- Melissa and her team are by far the most organized and knowledgeable in this region-if not the East Coast. This team is driven by passion. Advocacy & Consulting for Education helped maneuver me through the education system and is incredibly meticulous. This is a phenomenal team and I am grateful for all that they've done for our child. I highly recommend their services to other parents of special needs children.

    Mother, Philadelphia