Maximizing your student’s potential

We want to help you empower your student to become an independent, self-confident learner who enjoys schooling and finds success in his or her educational and extracurricular environments.

Our team works with families throughout the country to assist parents and care givers in securing a setting where their student can thrive, be happy and become an integral participant in their classroom or outside interest groups. Our goal is to work with you toward ensuring your student receives the comprehensive supports and strategies they need to be able to learn and succeed in their academic environment, academically, socially, emotionally and creatively.

We can assist you in navigating the process of working with your student’s school district to provide more effective plans and specialized programming. If you are unsure of what setting and supports your student needs, ACFE can help identify possible academic options and opportunities.

ACFE works with families of both gifted students and students with special needs.

Our process includes:

  • meeting with families to identify the goals and objectives for the student, and to provide support and consultative services
  • reviewing a student’s evaluations, reports and testing history
  • attending ER/RR/IEP/GIEP/504/IFSP/manifestation determination meetings to provide families with support and experience in addressing the student’s goals, accommodations and other specific aspects of their proposed educational programming
  • supporting parents in managing procedural documentation and collaboration, including requests for evaluations, meetings, and mediation, sharing concerns, and filing state complaints as needed
  • helping parents understand and use their procedural safeguards when they are in disagreement with their child’s proposed programming, including helping them to prepare and attend mediation and resolution sessions
  • maintaining contact with families, including review of progress monitoring, to help check that programming continues to be appropriate
  • suggesting learning environments that may suit student’s needs